Spa Products

Ospa Bromine

Bromine is the most common spa sanitiser. Ideal for heated spas

Sizes – 1kg 10kg

Ospa Oxyshock Non Chlorine Oxidiser

The non chlorine oxidiser which contains potasium monopersulphate ideal for burning out oils and fasts from your spa

Sizes – 1kg 4kg 10kg

Ospa TA & pH Up

Increases the TA & pH in your spa

Sizes – 500g

Ospa pH Down

Decreases the pH in your spa

Sizes – 750g

Ospa Hardness Increaser

Increases the calcium hardness in your spa

Sizes – 500g

Ospa Anti Foam

Removes any unwanted foaming in your spa

Sizes – 500ml

Ospa Waterpolish

Helps clean up a cloudy spa or give a dull looking spa a little sparkle

Sizes – 500ml

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