Low Chlor 70%

Granular Chlorine or Dry Chlorine is the most common form or chlorine used in swimming pools. Focus only packs the highest quality 70% low residue chlorine to ensure the customer gets the best of results.

Sizes – 2kg 4kg 10kg

Stabilised Chlorine 60%

Stabilised Chlorine is a popular “salt pool booster”. It is also ideal for non-salt pools as it adds stabiliser (or sunscreen) to the pool and dissolves 100%.

Sizes – 1kg 2kg 4kg 10kg

Stabilised Pool Tablets 89%

Stabilised Pool Tablets or “Once a Week Tablets” are a slow dissolving stabilised chlorine tablet used either in a floating dispenser or in the skimmer box of the pool to give a consistent level of chlorine over a period of time. These tablets are ideal for holiday periods or normal everyday use.

Sizes – 1kg 10kg

Pool Sticks 89%

Pool Sticks are similar to the Stabilised Pool Tablets except for one very distinct feature – their shape. Designed to last longer, these sticks are a cylindrical shape which ensures they last longer!

Sizes – 1.8kg 5kg 10kg

Shock n Clear

Shock n Clear is specifically designed as a once off chlorine shock ideal as a weekly shock treatment or for clearing a green pool.

Sizes – 500g

Liquid Pool Chlorine

Sodium Hypochlorite made locally in Australia and sold fresh to you!

Sizes – 15L

Hydrochloric Acid

Lowers the pH in a pool

Sizes – 15L (8% or 33%)

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