pH Buffer

Raise the Total Alkalinity in your pool

Sizes – 2kg 4kg 10kg (25kg available upon request)

Cyanuric Acid Stabiliser

Sunscreen for your pool! Protects the chlorine in your pool from the sun

Sizes – 1kg 2kg 8kg (25kg available upon request)

pH Increaser

Raise the pH in your pool

Sizes – 2kg 10kg

Pool Floc

Flocs the unwanted particles from your pool water.

Sizes – 2kg (25kg available upon request)

Dry Acid

Lowers the pH in you pool

Sizes – 500gm 5kg 10kg

Cal Plus

Adds Calcium to a swimming pool and increases the calcium hardness which protects the surface of the swimming pool

Sizes – 2kg 4kg 10kg

Stain Off

Removes those unwanted stains from a swimming pool. Ideal for fiberglass pools to bring back their ‘just new sparkle’

Sizes – 1kg

Chlorine Out

Removes Chlorine from your pool when levels are too high

Sizes – 500gm

Filter Cleaner & Degreaser

A strong alkaline that degreases and cleans cartridge and sand filters

Sizes – 1kg

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