Pool Algicide

Pool Algicide is a 20% Quat Algicide designed as a inexpensive and efficient algicide to help any green pool

Sizes – 2L 5L

Blackspot & Longlife Algicide

This copper based algicide is ideal for treatment of blackspot, mustard algae or just protecting a pool against algae. With 50g/L of copper this is the algicide that really packs a punch!

Sizes – 1L 5L (20L available upon request)


The allround Clarifier! Ideal for a sand filter or to add to the pool just before a bbq!.

Sizes – 1L 5L


The easy to use flocculant! Simply add to the pool turn the filter off and watch the particles drop.

Sizes – 1L

Saf T Cell

With Saf-T-Cell cleaner the job of cleaning a salt cell is made safe for both the cell and the user.

Sizes – 5L

Aquashield 3

This 3in1 product can solve many problems in your pool! It is a ‘Salt Cell Protector’, a ‘Scale Controller’ and a ‘Metal Magnet’

Sizes – 1L

Tile & Vinyl Cleaner

A multi purpose cleaner to remove stubborn scum lines from your pool or spa

Sizes – 750ml

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