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dropvsbindheaderHave you ever found pool water which was balanced and appeared clear but when put under light the water doesn’t seem so clear anymore?

This is due to tiny floating contaminants which are buoyant, visible in a collective sense, but small enough to be passing through your filter.Waterpolis Pluswaterpolish

To entrap this matter you need to ‘bind’ them together to cause them to become large enough to be entrapped. To do this you need a clarifier. The perfect Focus products for the job may include Waterpolish Plus, Bling, Pool Sparklers or UltraSheen.

Sometimes the job requires more than this, after a super-chlorination or after treating a green pool for example. Floating contaminants need to be made heavy or larger; bound together causing them to sink where they can be vacuumed to waste. For this you need a Flocculant . Cookes Pools & Spas use Focus Products who supply LiquidFloc, and Pool Floc which could all be beneficial in this situation.

Most clarifiers contain cationic polymers. Technically the process is described as the desire of using flocculants and clarifiers to make these unwanted particles larger.

Chemically, dirty particles are negatively charged and repel each other. By adding clarifiers or flocculants (polymers which are positively charged) the dirt and debris will attract the polymer and form a larger structure. In the case of a clarifier, these can now be picked or strained out by your filter system and your water becomes clear.

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