aquashieldheaderFocus Aquashield3 is a 3-in-1 specialty solution used for a variety of purposes.

1: Cell Protector – It keeps build up on salt chlorinator cells soft and helps reduce the likelihood that they will occur in the first place. If a hard build up occurs, it will decrease the production of chlorine gas and reduce the overall efficiency of your pool equipment.

2: Scale Control – Assists in removing existing scale/stopping the build up of scale from pool walls, equipment and pipes.

3: Metal Magnet – Keeps metal particles such as iron and copper from falling out of solution. These solutions can cause a variety of coloured, unsightly staining.

Aquashield 3 is easy to apply and is only required once every 3 months for regular maintenance. Consistently adding Aquashield 3 to your pool will limit the chances of scale formation and staining. Scaling can be a wide range of unsightly build up from rough, white deposit forming on the pool surface to salt crystallization forming on the salt cell. High calcium levels and poor water chemistry balance are the main cause scale formation, not only around the pool water line, but also inside the pipes which can cause blockages and damage the pipes and attached equipment. Cartridge filters can become clogged and can destroy heaters and other attached equipment, running up costly repair bills.

Metal particles, including iron and copper, plating out of solution can cause semi permanent staining. Aquashield 3 can slowly lift the particles off the surface and back into the water to be filtered out. Staining colours vary from too much copper (usually resulting in a purple stain) or too much iron (sometimes resulting in grey or rust coloured stains).


Add 1 litre of Aquashield 3 to 50,000 litres of water along the pool walls to soften any build up that has formed. Doing so with the pump and filter running helps Aquashield 3 make its way through the filtration system of the pool and distribute evenly to make sure that all surfaces of the pool and associated equipment are covered.

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